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Yesterday's Roll Call: Heard

Yesterday's Roll Call: Heard on the Hill column contains a couple of quick items that we are interested in. First, is a disagreement between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Feingold re the effect the new BCRA may have on politicians. The second item is about Rep. James Moran of Virginia. Moran has recently been in the news because of a story by the Washington Post that Moran took out a mortgage on his home (to pay off large debts accumulated during the illness of his daughter). Here's the problem: the money was loaned by MBNA, the amount loaned was more than the value of the home, and Moran suddenly because a vocal proponent of bankruptcy provisions favored by MBNA. On last Friday, Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine said that Moran had shown poor judgment in the matter and called for an investigation by the House ethics committee.