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Christian Coalition voter guides

The Birmingham Post-Herald has a column today by Rev. James L. Evans, pastor of the Crosscreek Baptist Church in Pelham (a suburb of Birmingham). Evans argues that the Christian Coalition of Alabama is claiming that it is a non-partisan organization but publishes voter guides with the purpose of electing certain candidates. He quotes from a post-election analysis of the CCA asserting "Bob Riley [the Republican candidate] would not have received majority vote [for Governor of Alabama] if it were not for the impact of the Christian Coalition and its Voter Guides." [This link won't last long because of the peculiar non-archiving policy of the Post-Herald.]

That could merely be post-election puffery, but the CCA website shows that it intended to have the pro-Riley impact. A memo on the website dated 25 October 2002 states, "The difference between a low turnout of Evangelical Christians and a high turnout of Evangelical Christians will probably make the difference in electing Alabama’s next Governor. It is obvious that the ability of the Voter Guides to turn out evangelicals to vote informatively will make a defining difference in this election." (emphasis in original)