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Bill Pryor and the Republican Attorneys General Association

Sam Heldman over at Ignatz has an interesting post about the trial balloon about Bill Pryor (Alabama's Attorney General) being appointed to a federal judgeship. As usual, I have a slightly different take on what is going on. The thing that interests me is the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) founded by Pryor and its lack of public disclosure of its receipts.

According to a bunch of news stories I have read, RAGA raises money from large corporations this way: RAGA apparently solicits the contribution but it is given to the Republican National State Elections Committee which then gives some money it collects to RAGA. Since RNSEC has some others out beating the bushes for it, it is hard (heck, it is impossible) to tell what contributions to RNSEC were solicited by RAGA or whose money goes to RAGA. That appears to be the point. As Pryor told the Decatur (AL) Daily, "The last thing I want to do is to try to make the businesses that support us a target for trial lawyers."

The thing that every campaign finance law includes is disclosure of contributions. Some states (like Alabama) have pretty weak laws, but the general notion is there. And Bill Pryor thinks that's a bad idea.

See these stories from the Decatur Daily, the Washington Post, and an op-ed piece from the News Journal in Delaware. (Thanks to Sam for providing some of the links.)