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College Republicans offer "influence"

Greg Greene at Political State Report reports that the University of Georgia Republicans are promising sponsors of their fundraising golf tournament "an influence with the Republicans officials you sponsor." Greg thinks this is a violation of the bribery laws [well, if the officer holder never gets the money, it's not bribery], but others making comments take issue with that.


Thanks for the writeup.

To clarify, I think the tournament flier amounts to an _invitation_ to bribery. The the way I read the law, the companies who pay to sponsor a lawmaker's foursome have more to worry about than the College Republicans — and even then, your parenthetical seems spot on.

One question worth asking is whether the CRs are working as a mere conduit for corporate donations to lawmakers — contributions that companies would otherwise need to report under state ethics and campaign finance laws. I wish I knew the answer to that ...