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7th Circuit to Indiana: Who is a "Person"?

The Indiana Law Blog has a thorough discussion of Majors v Bell in which the court certified a question to the Indiana Supreme Court: what "persons" have to identify themselves in ads that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a candidate? The district court held that "person" includes only the candidate, candidate's committee, and candidate's agent. The plaintiff contends it reaches everyone.


Hi. I am the plaintiff's counsel in this case, and was the plaintiff in an earlier case, stewart v taylor, that found indiana's disclaimer rules unconstitutional under mcintyre. I welcome the coverage and enjoyed the link to the indiana law blog. I'm actively seeking amicus support in this case and seek cocounsel for similar cases across the country. My firm monitors election authorities' compliance with McIntyre v Ohio Election Commission, in part because we view anonymous speech on the internet as crucial to free speech and free elections, in part because it's a way to test our theories about state constitutional free and open elections clauses.