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Dems to form American Majority Institute

The Hill reports today:

The Democrats are ramping up efforts to launch a liberal think tank in September that they say will give their party the unified message it lacked in 2002 and counter the well-funded network of conservative policy shops.

If it run correctly, the AMI will be completely outside the campaign finance rules.


does anyone know how to contact the Institute?

Does anyone know how to contact the Institute for volunteer purposes?



I, too, would love to know how to contact this think tank. It would be nice to be able to participate (assuming participatory democracy means more than merely writing a check).

I will try to track down the address for the Institute and will post it when and if I do.

Same here. I would love to know how to get in contact with the American Majority Institute.

I would like contact information for the American Majority institute. I would like to form an advisory health care policy team.

I do hope the comments being left at this site and others dealing with the AMI are read and heeded. As a former [just this past summer I switched] republican I want the AMI to get the message that there are a lot of us seniors who are fed up with the empty promises and biblical quotations being issued by the republicans with nothing being done to help the truley needy. Go get them and if I can help just send me an email at ,[ rlud101@aol.com ]....

Anyone have an address or contact number yet for the AMI?

The AMI is not supposed to open until September. We should know something about it by late September.

I also would like to contact the Institute. This is right along the lines of what I have been doing for several years. Maybe an alliance with the Institute would be in order!

Let's hope we all get a chance to be involved with this new think tank. They are not off to a good start when no one knows how to contact them. I hope someone can link all of us up to support a good cause. Go Liberals!

Alan Urban

I just wish to add my voice to those who are interested in information on the American Majority Institute, and how to contact and support it. One hopes its members will find the courage that congressional Democrats have lacked.

It's a grand idea, long overdue, so let's help them fulfill their potential by letting them know how many of us are with them.

Should be alble to locate AMI through Elen Malcolm at Emily's List.

No more frustration. www.VoteWin.info will be up by 8/26/03 Now we come together and take back America.

VoteWin.info does not appear to have any connection to the American Majority Institute (and appears to be a lame one-person effort at that.)

There are frighening items coming from David Brock about the conservative effort to retard mainstream progressive thinking. AMI might be the effort progressives need, and yet ... NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO CONTACT THEM!!! WTF ... I'd like to help my country NOT go to hell in a republican handbasket, how about some info from these people?

AMI has materialized as the Center for American Progress. Its headed by John Podesta, Clinton's former Chief of Staff.


Center for American Progress
805 15th St. NW
Suite 400
Washington DC 20005


Is the American Majority Institute real or still in the dream-on stage or is it a private think tank?

I checked out votewin.info and it is a very visual and interesting site, albeit a little broad in concept (vague) for the average enthusiastic volunteer (myself) to get to the meat of the cause.

Got it! I found the http://www.amprog.org website. Patience is a virtue I will attempt to acquire.

How do I get to your site?