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Pryor hearing and RAGA

There was little mention of the Republican Attorneys General Association at yesterday's hearing on Bill Pryor's nomination to the 11th Circuit. These articles in the Birmingham News (here and here) are the only ones I can find that even mentioned the questions by Sen. Feingold. Here is an excerpt from one article:

Pryor also clashed with Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., over disclosure of political contributions to the Republican Attorneys General Association, an organization that Pryor helped found in the late 1990s, although he is no longer an officer. The group has drawn criticism for raising money from corporations that may have a stake in the official actions of its members. After Pryor repeatedly referred questions about specific donors to the Republican National Committee, Feingold retorted that he took those responses as a "refusal" to provide the information.

Nina Totenberg also included that exchange in her report on Morning Edition. The exchange on RAGA begins at 1:40.

I have not seen the transcript or watched or heard a complete video or audio of these questions and answers, but Pryor (in Totenberg's report) says something like "I'm not saying I oppose or favor" the release of the contributor list by the Republican National Committee. In fact, Pryor has expressed his opposition to the release of the information. See this article in the Decatur (AL) Daily:

Pryor said that even if he could find a list of RAGA contributors, "The last thing I want to do is to try to make the businesses that support us a target for trial lawyers."

So, Pryor is interested in protecting the privacy of corporations who "support" Republican Attorneys General.