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Texas Gov calls special session for re-redistricting

Gov. Rick Perry has called a special session for re-redistricting. Here is the text of his letter:

This is to notify you that I am calling the Texas Legislature back into special session beginning June 30 for the primary purpose of addressing congressional redistricting. I believe duly elected officials, not federal judges, should be responsible for drawing district lines.

Once legislators have begun their work on this important issue, I will consider expanding the call to other unfinished business from the 78th Regular Session, such as funding for the Regional Academic Health Center and Texas Tech Medical School, and other important matters.

The recently completed regular session clearly demonstrates that legislators - regardless of political party affiliation and philosophy - can work together to address issues important to Texans. And I am confident that Democrats and Republicans can likewise work together to develop a map that is fair, compact and protects communities of interest.

(Thanks to Nina Perales of MALDEF for the link.)