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Ala. Gov. rejects ex-felon voting bill

The bills requiring voter ID and automatic restoration of voting rights to most ex-felons passed the legislature this year because black and Republican legislators made a deal that the bills would travel in tandem and that neither group would block the other's bills. After passage, however, Republican legislators asked Gov. Bob Riley (R) to veto the bill. Riley announced yesterday that he would pocket veto the ex-felon bill but has approved the voter ID bill. He said that he had never been a party to the deal.

Stories are in the Birmingham News, Mobile Register, and AP.


These are most likely the same Republican legislators that do not want the Governor's tax plan to pass in the September vote. Riley may have just shot himslef in the foot and made sure that his package fails in September.

Yes, and the Democrats supported the airline and insurance bailout when the GOP promised to take care of the airline workers in a followup bill the following week -- and got stiffed. Considering the number of deals that the GOP has reneged on in the last decade, I question the sanity of anyone who makes a deal with the GOP on anything. At the national and the state level, they have promised the moon again and again to get Democrat votes and the stupid saps fall for it again and again and again even though all the GOP every gives them is the same moldy, cheesy double-cross.

Any Democrat who makes a deal with the GOP deserves what they get -- they have broken 3 dozen deals in the last 2.5 years.

its 2004 alabama is a state that will always live by it;s old traditon that will haunt them every day of their life