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FBI investigating Maryland and Wisconsin Democrats

The Washington Post reported yesterday,

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. solicited contributions from interests with business before the General Assembly for a national Democratic committee he heads, and the committee spent heavily on Maryland races at the expense of Democrats in more competitive battleground states, records and interviews show.

Today the Post reports,

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.'s fundraising practices drew fresh scrutiny on two fronts yesterday as the state prosecutor and a legislative ethics panel said they would examine whether a national Democratic committee headed by Miller violated state campaign finance laws.

The Baltimore Sun has a report as well.

Yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also had a report on the Wisonsin connection to the scandal. Here is its sidebar summary of the "Money Trail":

The FBI is investigating whether two political committees that prosecutors link to state Sen. Chuck Chvala violated federal money laundering laws. According to a criminal complaint filed last year, here is one example of how Chvala is accused of skirting state campaign finance laws:

Chvala told lobbyist Bill Broydrick to have his clients contribute money to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C.

The DLCC then funneled money back to a phony independent group in Wisconsin called Independent Citizens for Democracy Inc. Chvala is accused of creating and controlling that group.

That group spent more than $800,000 during the 2000 campaign on ads in three key state Senate races that helped the Democrats maintain control of the Senate.