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IRS 527 database

The Campaign Finance Institute has just issued a press release calling the IRS website on 527 organizations "a Bonanza of Campaign Finance Information." The release begins:

The Internal Revenue Service’s new website on “Section 527” Political Organizations, unveiled July 1st, is a major advance in campaign finance disclosure. These tax-exempt groups, formerly dubbed “Stealth PACs (Political Action Committees)” are already the leading edge of a trend toward increased involvement of non-profits in partisan political campaigns. With the advent of the new campaign finance law restricting federal parties and candidates access to unlimited contributions, 527s are expected to become even more important federal political actors. That is why the new IRS website is so important for journalists, citizens and others trying to get information about candidates and elections. CFI was active in the process that led to this important achievement.

The IRS website on 527 organizations is here. Click on "Search Political Organization Disclosures." [Corrected]