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Honolulu campaign probe

The Honolulu Advertiser reports,

In an unusual legal maneuver, a prominent Honolulu attorney yesterday became the first person to plead guilty to steering illegal campaign contributions to Mayor Jeremy Harris since a wide-ranging investigation began nearly two years ago.

Edward Y.C. Chun, 71, denied in court papers that he had intentionally advised the Food Pantry grocery chain to violate the law by donating $5,000 to Harris under the names of two employees.

But he admitted his failure to carefully check whether the contribution was legal and could be construed as "reckless conduct" and grounds for conviction.

Chun pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of exceeding the state's $4,000-per-donor campaign donation limit in exchange for prosecutors dropping a second charge of making donations under a false name.

But as a condition of the plea, Circuit Court Judge Steven Alm also granted Chun the right to appeal an earlier ruling denying Chun's request that Alm remove himself from the case after indicating he would sentence Chun to prison.