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Dean on "real campaign finance reform" and opting out

There are two interesting developments in Howard Dean's campaign.

First, as I have reported before, Dean is considering opting out of the public financing system. But what is most interesting is that he is asking his supporters to vote -- yes, vote -- on what he should do.

I am asking you to vote on what kind of a campaign we will conduct from this point forward. No matter how well intentioned both our options are the choice is difficult: do we choose option (a) to fund our campaign ourselves and decline matching funds, or do we choose option (b) and accept federal matching funds and the spending limits?

Second, he has made a major statement on "real campaign finance reform" and even reform of the electoral system. His points include fixing the presidential campaign funding system, expand public financing to other federal candidates, give tax credits for the first $100 of contributions, provide a 5:1 match for that $100, make free TV and radio time available, and more. Read all about it at Dean for America: "Take Back Our Democracy".