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Texas re-redistricting suit this week

UPI has an analysis of the major points of the Texas redistricting case to be heard this week in federal court:

A three-judge federal panel will hear arguments next week at Austin in a lawsuit filed by Democrats and civil rights groups that will determine the fate of the Republicans' plan to redraw Texas' congressional districts.

After two dramatic Democrat walkouts that temporarily blocked legislative action this year, the scene is expected to be less volatile in the courtroom but many of the plaintiff's complaints about the Republican plan will be much the same.

The Democrats' major charge will be that the plan discriminates against blacks and Hispanics, diluting minority voting strength, but Republicans will argue that the evidence doesn't support that and their designs were only political, not racial.

"Texans will now get their opportunity to elect a congressional delegation that is reflective of their views, with a majority that will work with our president, not against him," said Republican Gov. Rick Perry in October when a final agreement was reached.

Republicans are hoping the new districts will produce up to seven additional Republican members from Texas in next year's election. Rep. Martin Frost and six other Democrats may be casualties of the partisan political war but some of them are running again anyway.