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AP reports,

Hoping to spend as much as it wants on next year's elections, the National Rifle Association is looking to buy a television or radio station and declare that it should be treated as a news organization, exempt from spending limits in the campaign finance law.

"We're looking at bringing a court case that we're as legitimate a media outlet as Disney or Viacom or Time-Warner," NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said.

"Why should they have an exclusive right to relay information to the public, and why should not NRA be considered as legitimate a news source as they are? That's never been explored legally," he said in an interview.

Don't they get enough good coverage from Fox News Channel?


Why deny special interest groups like the unions, NRA or even NAACP from saying what they want about political canidates? The NRA will be silenced from giving its members important information regarding candidates.
In practice, here`s what that means. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., is a federal officeholder. If he announces he is running for reelection and thus becomes a federal candidate, and if he introduces a firearms ban, the big national media can call it the "Schumer Bill," or the "Schumer Legislation." That`s what will be in the public`s mind. That`s what they will be hearing, seeing and reading.

For his part, Schumer, if he wants, could even call it the "Chuck Schumer Loves All Gun Owners Act." But the National Rifle Association would commit a criminal act if it runs a purely grassroots lobbying ad 30 days before the New York primary or 60 days before the general election calling the legislation by the same name that the national media call it!

The millionaire-salaried pundits working for media conglomerates--Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw--are free to use Schumer`s name. Yet Wayne LaPierre or Charlton Heston cannot even say, "oppose the Schumer Bill" in a paid broadcast that reaches 50,000 New Yorkers without committing a crime.

This is a ban on a major aspect of grassroots lobbying and has nothing to do with purely political activity. It has nothing to do with directly exhorting the public to vote for or against a candidate.

The NRA gives back the "Power to the People".