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Major donations from minors

The Helena Independent Record reports:

Republican governor candidate Bob Brown's campaign on Monday called on GOP rival Pat Davison to stop his practice of taking large donations from minors.

Brown's running mate, Rep. Dave Lewis of Helena, noted in Davison's third-quarter campaign finance report, Davison reported collecting $4,100 from 11 children listing their occupations as students for an average of $377 each. That's $23 less than the $400 maximum donation per individual that was in place at the time.

Lewis said three of the donations totaling $1,200 came from students out of state and nine donations totaling $3,200 were made by in-state students living at the same address as their parents. Only one of the nine students living at home is listed as a registered voter.

A father and grandfather, Lewis said he couldn't imagine many teenagers willingly parting with that much money to back a political candidate.