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Clark raised $10 million in 4th Q

The New York Times reports in Clark's Cash Came Quickly:

Gen. Wesley K. Clark turned some heads when he announced a few weeks ago that his campaign had raised at least $10 million from October to December. It was less than the $12 million some aides predicted but enough to finance a serious challenge, and it was all engineered by a campaign created in a matter of weeks. General Clark's late-blooming candidacy, which began in September, may have worked to his advantage when it comes to raising money. The fourth quarter fund-raising, though traditionally slowed by the holidays, was the general's first full quarter of seeking money.

While some other candidates struggled to produce numbers so low that many would not publicly announce them, General Clark was able to chase what is often called the "easy money,'' contributions from donors who were naturally inclined to support him.

In many cases, these were celebrities in New York and Los Angeles drawn by the early buzz surrounding his campaign. "This community responds to sizzle, charisma and newness," said Andy Spahn, an executive who handles political affairs for Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks SKG. "He has all that."