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Kerry and campaign finance

The Sacrementon Bee has published what it describes as the "first in a series examining the campaign finances of the presidential candidates". Today's victim (or subject) is John Kerry:

The subject of campaign finance has been a double-edged sword for Democratic Sen. John Kerry. He has criticized the system and supported reforms, but he also has faced questions about his ties to some of his donors.

Kerry, the winner of the Democratic caucuses in Iowa, has accepted money from two figures who later were prosecuted for election violations. He also has received substantial donations from telecommunications, media and steel companies overseen by committees on which he sits.

Kerry has raised $3.2 million in large donations -- those of at least $200 -- in California through Dec. 31, second only to his home state of Massachusetts, where he collected slightly more, his Federal Election Commission reports show.

The Bee does not say when the future installments will be published.