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Ain't just the deep pockets, it's the many pockets

The Baltimore Sun reports:

MONTGOMERY County Executive Douglas M. Duncan has a good friend in Francis O. Day III.

The Rockville developer, his family members and about a dozen companies he controls have contributed almost $75,000 to the likely 2006 Democratic gubernatorial candidate - using a provision of Maryland election law that lets donors get around the state's $4,000 limit on contributions to a single candidate over each four-year election cycle.

Fifteen of the contributions worth $68,000 - all but one for $4,000 - were listed as coming from the same Rockville address Sept. 9. Another $4,000, from Maria Day, came from the family home in Potomac.

Most of the contributions were attributed to limited liability corporations apparently controlled by Day. Under Maryland law, each LLC is treated as a separate entity under election law as long as its ownership mix varies even slightly from the others.

Thanks to OnBackground at Political State Report for the link.