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Kids with big bucks to give to campaigns

The New York Times has the heart-warming story of a first grader who gave $1,000 to a political campaign. See Too Young to Vote, Old Enough to Donate. (It's sorta the opposite of the old joke, "I want to be buried in Chicago so I can stay active in politics.")

The McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which took effect more than a year ago, included a ban on donations by those under 18. But in December, the Supreme Court struck down the prohibition, saying it trampled free-speech rights.

The result is that people who are too young to drink, drive or vote can again contribute to presidential and Congressional campaigns, a practice that political strategists and fund-raisers say may intensify as competition for donations heats up. This in turn gives greater influence to families with political interests who want to funnel large amounts to politicians, campaign finance experts say.

The Supreme Court decision opens the way for donor families to continue "bundling" their money, as many have in years past.