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"Democrats' soft money running low"

The Hill reports in tomorrow's edition:

The network of soft-money fundraising groups known as the "shadow" Democratic Party has fallen significantly short of its fundraising goals even as the presumptive Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), faces heavy Republican attacks in coming months.

Eight of the largest and most prominent liberal soft-money funds - known as 527s after a section of the federal tax code - have raised less than 10 percent of their expected outlays for the 2004 election.

"My view is that most soft-money donors are not going to move money to outside groups to keep it flowing into federal campaigns because the incentives for giving this money are not there," said Fred Wertheimer, the president of Democracy 21, who spearheaded the lobbying effort to pass the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

"The two biggest reasons this money was contributed was either to seek influence with federal office holders, who were soliciting money and to gain access to them in the process. That's now gone because federal officeholders can't solicit money."

Did I hear a nyah-nyah-nyah?