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Dean may morph campaign into a 527

[Howard Dean] planned to speak with Kerry as soon as today to discuss their relationship, a top Democratic Party operative said on the condition of anonymity. And Neel is exploring converting Dean's presidential apparatus into a political action group like the one that attacked Dean before he lost Iowa's caucuses.

But in Dean's case, the group's purpose would not be to harm other Democratic candidates, but to help the party defeat President Bush, elect a Democratic Congress, and advance the agenda that the former Vermont governor has pushed during his two-year presidential campaign: health care for all Americans, a balanced budget, and foreign policies based on diplomatic cooperation.
Such groups are known as 527s, named for the section of the federal tax code that defines such entities. The groups are exempt from taxation so long as they are aimed at voter mobilization.

They recently have come under review by the Federal Election Commission after protests that they are being used to advocate for specific candidates, in violation of a campaign finance law that took effect in November 2002.

One 527, Americans for Jobs, Health Care & Progressive Values, aired ads critical of Dean before the Iowa caucuses, including one with an image of Osama bin Laden that questioned Dean's national security credentials.

According to Democratic Party operatives speaking on the condition of anonymity, Dean's group -- which probably would be named in consultation with his supporters -- would be funded through appeals to the core of donors who helped Dean raise $41 million last year for his presidential campaign, a record for any Democrat during a primary season. Dean burned through much of that money as he sought unsuccessfully to win the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, which were then followed by 14 losses in nomination contests. --
Boston Globe