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Alabama closer to banning PAC to PAC transfers

The Alabama House passed a bill Tuesday that would prohibit political action committees from transferring political contributions to another PAC.

The process, known as PAC to PAC transfers, is often used to make it difficult for members of the public to know exactly who is giving money to political candidates, said the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, D-Guntersville.

"This will help us get started dealing with the worst excesses in the campaign finance system," McLaughlin said.

After passing the PAC to PAC bill, the House bogged down on a bill to require the disclosure of the source of contributions over $100 to issue-oriented campaigns, such as the campaign several years ago for a statewide lottery. Opponents, mostly Republicans, said the bill was trying to intimidate members of churches or religious organizations that oppose issues like gambling. -- House passes bill banning PAC to PAC transfers (AP)