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Money and the Pres. campaign

During this presidential campaign, the question of money and politics has resurfaced. The McCain-Feingold Act was supposed to limit the amount of money politicians could raise, but by November, the political parties will have raised and spent tens of millions of dollars. Join NPR's Neal Conan to discuss the role of money in presidential elections.


Charles Lewis
*Executive Director, The Center for Public Integrity
*Author of The Buying of the President 2004

Michael Cornfield
*Research director at George Washington University Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet
*Associate professor of political management at George Washington University

Ted Welch
*Owner of Ted Welch Investments
*Contributor to President Bush's re-election campaign (has raised $150,000 for campaign)
*Finance chair of the Republican National Committee (1977-78)
*Chaired presidential campaigns of Lamar Alexander and Howard Baker

-- Funding and Presidential Campaigns (Talk of the Nation)