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Soft money complaint in Oregon GOP primary

Congressional contender Jim Zupancic has filed a federal election complaint against his GOP rival, state Sen. Jackie Winters, alleging she illegally spent money on a newspaper insert.

Zupancic's complaint with the Federal Election Commission asserts that Winters violated campaign finance laws by using money from her state legislative campaign fund to promote her congressional candidacy.

But Winters' campaign called the complaint frivolous. It said the newspaper insert was an "end-of-session report" that dealt with the actions of the 2003 Legislature, not with Winters' bid for Congress. ...

Zupancic, a Lake Oswego lawyer, said Winters violated the federal law's prohibition against "soft money" by using money from her state campaign committee to promote her candidacy for Congress.

That's because Winters' state committee received money from corporations which under federal law are barred from making donations to congressional candidates, he said. -- Congressional contender files complaint against rival (AP)