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Kucinich and matching funds

Dennis Kucinich has been the target of many jokes as he marches winless through the Democratic primaries. So how does the Ohio representative carry on? One reason is that so far he can afford to, thanks in part to taxpayer money.

In February, Mr. Kucinich drew more public financing than any other candidate, according to the Federal Election Commission. He received $2.1 million in public money, even though he raised only $5.5 million from donors through January, far less than Senator John Kerry's $24 million or Senator John Edwards's $16 million.

Public financing matches individual contributions up to $250, and the campaign's high number of small, matchable donations lifted its take, said Phillip Mohorich, the Kucinich campaign finance director. -- Week in Review: How He Keeps Going and Going (New York Times)

In order words, Kucinich is raising money the way the drafters of the FECA planned. I can't think of a better reason to criticize the guy. A candidate who can't think of a way to raise funds by skirting the edge of the law must be too stupid to be president.