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MoveOn will run ads attacking Bush

A Democratic-leaning online group will run television commercials in Wisconsin and 16 other presidential battleground states starting Thursday to counter President Bush's multimillion-dollar advertising blitz that will begin the same day.

The MoveOn.org Voter Fund has been airing commercials assailing Bush for months in several swing states, but this $1.9 million, five-day effort will be its most far-reaching. The ads will ensure there is a Democratic presence on the TV airwaves in key states as Bush begins to make his case for re-election. ...

Ed Gillespie, chairman of the Republican National Committee, issued a statement saying MoveOn's plans indicate among Democrats "a willingness to blatantly violate the new campaign finance laws."

"Coordinating ad strategy with a presidential campaign and using non-federal dollars to pay for ads to defeat a candidate for federal office is a defiant, knowing and willful violation of the law," Gillespie said. "Does John Kerry believe the law he voted for is meant to be broken?"

Stephanie Cutter, Kerry's spokeswoman, said the campaign has not coordinated with MoveOn or any other outside group. -- MoveOn.org Voter Fund to provide Democratic voice when Bush ads air (AP)