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Kerry's money vs. Bush's

Senator John Kerry fought his way through a tough and expensive Democratic primary season only to find himself on Wednesday with relatively little cash and facing an advertising onslaught by President Bush, whose campaign has roughly 10 times more money.

Kerry aides and fund-raisers plan to capitalize on their victories in Tuesday's elections by starting a 20-city fund-raising tour in the weeks ahead. Some fund-raisers say they hope the effort will yield at least $20 million. ...

Democratic strategists said the Kerry campaign would probably rely on advertisements paid for by the Democratic Party and independent outside groups to counter the Bush messages. Counting on those outside groups could be risky because some organizations are prohibited from coordinating with the campaign itself, so their messages may not be consistent. -- Kerry Faces a New Climb: Bush's Mountain of Cash

At the same time, Kerry's aides say he brought in a record $1.2 million over the Internet in less than 24 hours after locking up the Democratic presidential nomination with a near-sweep of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.

They cite that as evidence the Massachusetts senator can raise additional millions quickly and compete financially with Bush through this summer's political conventions. Federal spending restrictions take effect for the general election campaign in the fall. -- Kerry Lags Behind Bush in Fund Raising (AP)