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Media Fund starts running ads; GOP unhappy

A Democratic-leaning group funded in part by billionaire George Soros plans to run $4.5 million worth of TV ads in 17 presidential battleground states beginning Wednesday, criticizing President Bush's policies and priorities.

The Media Fund is the second outside group to go on the air in as many weeks to counter Bush's multimillion-dollar ad campaign and ensure a Democratic presence on the airwaves.

Bush's re-election campaign branded the group's activity illegal and said it would seek a Federal Election Commission investigation.

The Media Fund bought at least $1 million worth of airtime on Monday, and expects to buy more this week for its initial ad run. The group expects to raise tens of millions of dollars to run ads this election year. The ads also mention Bush by name, a point of contention among GOP lawyers who argue that they violate federal law. ...

Bush-Cheney officials said they won't ask for the ads to be pulled off the air because the FEC doesn't have that authority, and because a court is unlikely to act before the FEC finishes its review of the new campaign finance laws. The object of the complaint is to highlight what Bush campaign officials say are Democratic hypocrisies and to prod the FEC to act more quickly than it has in the past, the officials said. --
Media Fund to start running ads Wednesday, Bush campaign to challenge legality (AP)

If anyone knows of a link to the ads online, let me know.