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Orange County considers repealing limits on campaign funds

Orange County voters may be asked in November to repeal a groundbreaking political-reform law that for 25 years has restricted campaign donations to local candidates.

In the absence of the Orange County law, donations would be regulated by more generous state limits that allow, for instance, married couples to contribute 10 times as much.

Supervisor Chris Norby floated the idea of a repeal last week as the Board of Supervisors discussed an August deadline to put matters on the November ballot.

He suggested that recent court decisions have undercut the effectiveness of the county law, which he said restricts speech and aids well-heeled candidates and incumbents who need less outside financial help. ...

Repealing Orange County's law - known as TIN CUP for the election reform motto "Time Is Now, Clean Up Politics" - would start a flood of money to candidates. -- Campaign Limits May Face Repeal (latimes.com)