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The Sloganator

So, perhaps you've heard about the Bush/Cheney campaign's pioneering effort to bring democracy to the people -- the Slogantor! A little while back, the duo's Web site allowed users to write their own campaign slogans for Bush/Cheney posters. Nevermind that this idiot-savant approach to Web organizing was an attempt to subvert campaign-finance laws (The posters say "Paid for by Bush/Cheney '04, Inc.", even though the campaign ISN'T paying for materials or printing). No, the real story here is that hundreds or thousands of right-thinking progressives used the opportunity to offer campaign advice to Dick 'n' Bush. Someone must have caught on, because the feature was quickly disabled. However, I managed to print up a couple I'm proud of before the laughter died... Here's one (available in full-res PDF if you'd like to print one for your cubicle) -- The Mighty Pen

That's a bit harsh. The Sloganator was no more an attempt to "subvert" the campaign finance laws than all the web sites Howard Dean linked from his site. But, follow the link above to get lots of slogans.