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GOP accuses Kerry and 527's of coordination

Senator John Kerry's advertising campaign is so closely complemented by those of two major liberal groups running commercials against President Bush that Republicans are accusing the Democrats of trying to evade campaign finance laws.

An analysis of advertising data provided by Republicans, Democrats and an independent group shows a striking synchronicity between the advertising campaigns of Mr. Kerry and Moveon.org and the Media Fund, which flatly deny any illegal consultations. They have been advertising in the same 17 swing states, in most of the same markets while almost uniformly ignoring others. ...

Ken Goldstein, director of the Advertising Project of the University of Wisconsin, ... said it was entirely possible to devise advertising strategies that correlate this closely without speaking directly by monitoring purchases, highlighting the difficulty such cases will have before regulators or judges. Fred Wertheimer, president of the advocacy group Democracy 21 and a vocal critic of the Media Fund, said while the correlation in the campaigns did not "constitute coordination" it did reinforce "the fact that the purpose of these 527 groups is to help defeat a presidential candidate." -- Democrats' Ads in Tandem Provoke G.O.P. (nytimes.com)


It is no secret what the states in play are. There is now so much publicly reported information available that many thousands of people now have the same quality of information that once belonged to a few insiders. Because of all the publicly available information, acting on the same premises does not constitute coordination.