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Many Bush donors now maxed out

I was fiddling around with Fundrace's Neighbor Search to get a report on the folks who lived closest to me and to whom they had been giving. I noticed an interesting pattern. While there were everything from $200 to $2000 listed, the people who were "maxed out" -- given $2000 to one candidate -- were mostly Bush donors. Bush had 23 such donors (of a total of 43), Clark 1 (of 5), Edwards 6 (of 18), Graham 1 (of 1), Kerry 0 (of 12).

Fundraisers for charities and candidates will tell you that the folks who are most likely to give are those who have recently given to the same group or candidate. But, if the donor has given the legal limit, he/she is a dry hole.

Take a look at your neighborhood and see if this pattern holds up across the country.


It holds up in the Philadelphia area: obviously Bush went for the maximum from the people he solicited. I am not sure this is a sign of trouble; these people can be a fundraising force and can contribute to state parties and 527s, and there are other people that can be solicited as well.