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GOP files FEC complaint against Kerry and 527's

The Republican National Committee and President Bush's campaign opened a new field of fire Wednesday on Democratic "soft money" groups that are raising millions of dollars to air anti-Bush ads and do grass-roots organizing to defeat him.

In an unprecedented move, the RNC and the Bush campaign filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accusing anti-Bush Democratic "527" groups such as the Media Fund and America Coming Together (ACT) of a conspiracy to violate federal election laws.

The Republicans will ask the FEC to immediately dismiss the complaint, a legal gambit which would allow the Republicans to immediately go before a federal judge and seek an order blocking the 527 groups from using the unlimited contributions on which they now rely for the funding. -- Battling over anti-Bush donors (MSNBC)

For the Republican press release with lots of background information, including the full text of the 67-page FEC complaint, go here.