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India's e-voting will solve all problems

Electronic voting machines [in India] will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, electoral malpractices, claimed officials, because the machines can be used only once in 12 seconds and need to be re-set before the next vote is cast.

The machine will automatically switch off after every vote is cast. In other words, even when workers of a political party "capture" a booth, they will find it impossible to cast more than five votes in a single minute. That too is possible only with the connivance of polling personnel.

At the end of polling, the personnel will also be able to report any misadventure or abuse of the machines, which would lead to cancellation of polling at that booth, they explained. Since polling personnel will be drawn from different districts and at every booth 50 per cent of the poll personnel will be from other districts, it will be difficult for political parties to influence all of them. -- Rest easy, your vote is safe (The Telegraph - Calcutta)


There have been (2) major national elections
run electronically - Brazil and now India. Both
resulted in very large upsets...

Not a good batting average for systems that not
supposed to do anything other than perform a
simple replacement of existing voting systems.

When the electronic voting system throws existing
(and previously accurate) polls out of wack, you
have to wonder whether there is something fishy
going on. It threatens to potentially undermine
the accepability of democracy by returning
results that are not accepted, or to undermine
the computer industry if it proves incapable of
dealing (or even more wisely, declining to become
involved) in these issues.