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Suggested slogan: "all the news that fits our views"

At the convention, the association also plans to unveil plans for an N.R.A. news company that would produce programs for the Internet, radio and possibly television, Mr. LaPierre said. A daily Internet news talk show featuring a conservative host will begin broadcasting online on Friday. The association hopes to announce acquisition of a radio station within two months, he said.

Creating a private news company would allow the association to disseminate its gun-rights views without having to follow new federal campaign finance restrictions, which prohibit the use of unlimited "soft money" close to a presidential or Congressional election, Mr. LaPierre said. The association and other groups challenged those restrictions, but lost.

"We have every bit as much a right to provide news and information to the American public as Disney has through ABC, Time-Warner has through CNN and News Corporation does through Fox," Mr. LaPierre said. "If you own the outlet, you can say whatever you want. This an act of defiance, but it is completely in keeping with the law." -- The Gun Group: N.R.A. Opens an All-Out Drive for Bush and Its Views (New York Times)