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Justice Diaz moves to dismiss charges against him

A Gulf Coast attorney and a Mississippi Supreme Court justice on Friday asked a federal judge to dismiss new charges in a judicial bribery case.

The motions on behalf of attorney Paul Minor and Justice Oliver Diaz Jr. and his ex-wife Jennifer, were filed in U.S. District Court in Jackson. ...

In the dismissal motion filed for Diaz and his ex-wife, Jackson attorney Robert McDuff said the allegations in the new indictment do not properly charge any federal crime. ...

"The federal government is attempting not only to overstep its bounds and prosecute a purported campaign finance violation, which would be a misdemeanor under Mississippi law, but transform it into a federal felony charge.

"If this indictment is allowed to stand, it will stretch the bounds of federal law so that almost any alleged state campaign finance violation can be made into a federal felony case, requiring citizens to stand trial for their liberty on cases the federal government has no business prosecuting," the motion said. -- Minor, Diaz ask federal judge to dismiss judicial bribery charges (AP via Biloxi Sun Herald)