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Comments on the FEC hearings

Here are a couple of blogger comments about the FEC hearings on 527's and non-profits.

[Rabbi David] Saperstein, however, is worried "over the violation of religious liberty that this rule could impose on faith groups who feel religiously compelled to speak out on social issues." He adds in his letter requesting to testify, "Congress consciously decided to stop short of applying its soft money regulations ... to non-profit interest groups, which do not present the same potential for corruption or the appearance of corruption as political parties." -- FEC set to silence faith-based social commentary?

I'm against these proposed rules for many reasons, not least of which is that I fear for my ability to be a part of a citizen group large enough to make my most heartfelt concerns public. It scares and confuses me that such rules could even be considered. In a world where having money is the only way to express your opinion, non-profit groups of the like-minded who gather their resources are the only option for the 90% of us who do not have the personal means to finance the distribution of our views and arguments directly to the masses (the internet is sort of self-selecting--for instance, if you're still reading my blog, odds are good that you probably already agree with me on at least some issues). -- FEC Considers Rule Treating Non-Profit Interest Groups As Political Committees