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Gotta dance with the one who brought you

A Montgomery County [Alabama] circuit judge heard arguments for the second time in three days Friday in the case of a Christian radio talk show host who says she was unfairly disqualified from the upcoming Republican primary for a state school board seat.

Republican Party state chairman Marty Connors testified at the hearing that Kelly McGinley was disqualified because she had openly endorsed the Constitution Party on her Web site.

"As a minimum requirement to run on the Republican ticket you should at least not be advocating a third party," Connors told Circuit Judge William Shashy. Connors also said Alabama law gives political parties the right to set their own rules concerning candidates. -- Judge hears arguments on whether talk show host will be on GOP ballot (AP via al.com)


It seems to me that the candidate is in the right unless there is a clear pre-existing rule allowing disloyal candidates to be removed.
I once lost a similar case in Indiana, where I was removed from the ballot after winning the gop primary and was cross-endorsed by a third party.
The intent of the primary as a reform was to allow the rank and file to control the party, rather than the bosses.