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The non-loophole: phone ads

One of the newest ads of the campaign season isn't airing on TV or over the radio. You've likely heard it on the other end of your telephone.

Senator Tom Daschle's re-election campaign paid for an undisclosed number of telephone ads blaming John Thune's campaign for an increase in negative advertising.

But that's only part of the story. It turns out Daschle's ads violate a new federal election law.

Campaign finance laws require political commercials to tell you who's paying for them. You see those disclaimers at the end of any campaign ad. And new guidelines mean you should also hear them over the phone.

The phone call begins, "Hello this is Pam Dorneman. I wanted to give you a quick call because this week I have seen a number of negative television ads..."

Political persuasion over the phone is nothing new to KELOLAND campaigns. But it's how this ad ends that breaks a new federal election law. There's no disclaimer saying who paid for it. -- Ad Watch: Daschle Phone Calls (KELOLAND.COM)