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Punk rock and voters

Vicious snarls, fist-clenching lyrics, audience of screaming fans - it all looks like typical punk rock in Fat Mike's latest concert tour.

But hang out between sets and the scene grows strange. Suspended screens start displaying political movies, one about Iraq and another about the 2000 presidential election. Linger afterward to hear a lead singer deliver an anti-Bush screed. Trace the tour dates through one swing state after another.

"Right now it's my personal crusade," Fat Mike said. "I think it's good for the country." ...

Fat Mike said he never voted before 2000, and is still not keen on Kerry. He said he only ventured into politics because he can reach young voters, not because he's a Democrat.

"I'm not anti-Republican. I'm anti-Bush," said Fat Mike. And as soon as the election is over, he said, he's giving up politics: "I'd rather be gambling." -- Of 527s, And Political Punk Rock (CTnow.com)


we should vote and have another opps