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Alabama GOP to appeal candidate case

The state Republican chairman says his party will appeal a ruling that reinstated a Christian radio talk show host on the June 1 primary ballot.

The GOP had disqualified Kelly McGinley from running for the state school board seat representing Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia counties on April 7, five days after she filed papers to be a candidate.

"We're going to appeal it because ultimately, the issue is not the Republican Party," state GOP chairman Marty Connors said Wednesday. "The issue is: Does any private or nonprofit organization have the ability or responsibility to govern its own affairs? Or is that the responsibility of the state or government?" ...

Connors said any votes McGinley receives would not be counted while the case is pending in court.

"People who'd vote for this candidate are going to have to understand that it's possible their votes might be meaningless because her candidacy is being challenged," he said. -- GOP: Party will appeal ruling that reinstates McGinley (AP via AL.com)