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"Probe angers Texas GOP"

A prolonged investigation by a state grand jury has angered Republicans and helped turn a once-friendly, bipartisan atmosphere into one of distrust.

Fueling the investigation is Ronnie Earle, a Democratic district attorney. His staff has fed several grand juries information and testimony about the possible illegal use of corporate funds by Republican Party leaders in key 2002 elections.

Critics say Mr. Earle wants to destroy the momentum that the Republican Party built up in recent years across Texas. ...

"You don't see him going after Democrats do you?" asked Tina Benkiser, state Republican chairman. -- Probe angers Texas GOP (The Washington Times)

Most repubtable newspapers would have followed the Benkiser charge with the fact found only in the 25th paragraph:

In defense of Mr. Earle, Democrats point to his two decades of prosecuting politicians through his office's Public Integrity Unit. They say the District Attorney's Office has taken on far more Democrats than Republicans.

And the 23rd paragraph of the story points out that the partisan bickering started earlier than Earle's criminal investigation:

After the sweep, the 2003 legislative sessions became brutally partisan, with Democrat lawmakers twice leaving the state in an effort to block a redistricting bill that they knew would likely assure Republicans at least a half dozen more congressional seats next year.

I suppose the only way for a prosecutor to avoid angering those in power is not to investigate allegations of criminal conduct.