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Warning: this vote may not count

Absentee ballots in southwestern Alabama would include a disqualified candidate under an agreement reached Thursday by the candidate and the state Republican Party.

But votes for Christian talk show host Kelly McGinley would not be counted if the Alabama Supreme Court decides party officials were following the law when they removed her from the ballot over questions about her loyalty to the party. ...

Montgomery County Circuit Judge William Shashy last week ordered the party to put McGinley back on the ballot but later froze his order while Republicans appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also froze Shashy's order until it decides on the matter. The agreement reached by McGinley and the party would ask the court to modify its stay so that absentee ballots can be distributed. ...

The agreement was reached during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Harold W. Albritton on a second suit filed by McGinley.

Albritton said he would reserve judgment on that suit essentially the same as the first one, except that it was filed in federal court unless the Alabama Supreme Court takes too long to rule on the appeal. -- McGinley, GOP ask Supreme Court to release absentee ballots (AP via AL.com)