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Search warrant for missing donations

El Paso County sheriff's detectives executed three search warrants at the home of County Commissioner Betti Flores on Friday seeking election campaign records based on a criminal complaint that she allegedly failed to report three $500 campaign contributions.

Flores said that she has done nothing wrong and that if the contributions were not listed in her campaign finance reports, it was an accidental oversight.

"If I made a mistake leaving something off my financial statements, I apologize and will fix it," Flores said. "This is a total of $1,500, and it is nothing more than a simple clerical error."

She said the sheriff's detectives came to her home with warrants to search for her campaign bank statements, receipts and copies of any other campaign finance records she had. -- Commissioner's home searched for campaign finance records (El Paso Times)


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To The previous comments I would add the following in Support of Commissioner Flores:

At the center of the campaign, in which Flores, a high school graduate, defeated the eight-year incumbent Carlos Aguilar III, were issues involving the incumbent's handling of the county's lease on a portion of the Ascarate Park acreage to Western Playland Amusement Park.
Residents of District 2 were frustrated over the communications breakdown which had occured between Aguilar and owner of the amusement park, Pat Thomson.
The continuance of Thomson's lease was in question, and residents were concerned that the potential loss of more than $250.000.00 annually would negatively impact their taxes.
Flores, who was then the Marketing Director for the park entered the race, explaining to her constituency that she could make no guaranteees over the future of the amusement park, or the revenue generated by the lease.
Betti Flores assured voters that, if elected she would seek and find solutions which would serve as substitute revenue and income to the county.
Flores' first sixteen months brought to fruition the Privitiztion of The El Paso County Coliseum in fulfillment of that promise.

Commissoner Flores' first 16 months have caused many of us to sit in awe!
District 2 elected a team player who has put an end to the "dilly dallying", while at the same time convincing all of us that she wishes that she could have found the time to go to college!
Clearly, more than a few of our "politcos" have been faced with the tough question of
"why couldn't someone have done this sooner?"
Flores supporters have rallied behind her during this incident.
Flores filed an amended disclosure report at a recent County Commissioner's Court meeting.

On her first day in office,(January 2003) Commissioner Flores entered her new office prepared for work only to find that her predecessor had removed all files, documents, discs, and information, leaving nothing but empty drawers.
Once it became clear to Commissioner Flores that her efforts to retrieve government documents were being ignored, she contacted the Office of The El Paso County Sheriff to report the incident in hopes of recovering the abovementioned data.
It is apparent to Flores' supporters that the complaintant in the May 9,2004 investigation was participating in a retalitalitive scheme which has been "long in the making".
The Texas Ethics Commission would have been the appropriate government agency to address the omitted contributions.
Flores' detractors have previously launched two investigations into Flores'campaign and finances.
After extensive investigation, The Texas Ethics Commission determined that in each instance the complaints were filed without merit.