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I get by with a little help from my friends

The political donations of company employees of companies that won the prescription cards overwhelmingly favored Bush - at least $280,000 of their contributions went to the president's campaign compared to about $60,000 for Kerry's campaign, Federal Election Commission records show. Among the donations:

_United Healthcare employees donated roughly $59,000 to Bush, $5,500 to Kerry.

_Employees of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan or its parent, Kaiser Permanente, have given about $17,000 to Bush and roughly $21,000 to Kerry.

_WellCare employees gave roughly $22,000 to Bush's campaign and no money to Kerry.

_Aetna workers gave at least $16,000 to Bush and $1,000 to Kerry.

_Medco or Merck employees donated at least $12,000 to Bush and $10,000 to Kerry. -- Medicare Contractor Firm Donates to GOP (Macon.com)