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Residency suit filed by Jefferson County, Alabama, candidate

A Birmingham lawyer is suing the Alabama Republican Party to get her name back on the ballot in time for the June primary.

The party ruled in April that Amanda Lewis did not meet residency requirements to run against a Bessemer Division district judge because she did not live in the Bessemer Cutoff for the required one year before the primary. Lewis lives in Quinton, near the Walker County line, but still in the Cutoff. ...

Her living in Jefferson County period was enough for her to qualify, Lewis says in her lawsuit.

"Judges of the 10th Judicial Circuit, which consists of Jefferson County, are elected by the voters of the entire county," the lawsuit says. "Nowhere in the law of Alabama, either in the Code or in the uncodified Acts is there any requirement enacted by the Legislature that requires residency in the Bessemer Division of Jefferson County or in the Birmingham Division of Jefferson County for service as a district judge in either division." -- Lawyer sues to get name back on ballot for primary (Birmingham News)

The 10th Judicial Circuit is divided into two divisions, Bessemer and Birmingham, with each division having "jurisdiction" (rather than venue) to hear certain cases. My recollection is that Ms. Lewis moved into the Bessemer "Cutoff" from the Birmingham Division.