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Montgomery Advertiser calls for PAC reform

The conscientious Alabama voter looking at candidates in the June 1 primaries and then again in the November general election will recall with regret the death of an important campaign reform measure in this year's legislative session. When the session ended on Monday, so did the chance to give voters a better grasp of the financial backing of candidates.

Among the bills that died on the last day of the session was a measure that would have limited transfers of funds among political action committees. In Alabama, there are no restrictions now, and that is an invitation to deception.

The demise of this bill means that it likely will be at least another year until this reform gets another shot at passage. The Legislature will not convene again until February unless Gov. Bob Riley calls a special session.

Allowing PAC-to-PAC transfers is a serious flaw in Alabama's campaign finance laws. A voter should be able to tell -- and tell easily -- which interests or individuals are contributing to a candidate. Instead, these transfers make it easy to hide the source of campaign funds. -- Editorial, PAC measure deserved vote (Montgomery Advertiser)