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Another Alabama candidate booted for disloyalty to party

The chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party announced Thursday he has rejected the appeal of Johnny Swanson, who was disqualified as a U.S. Senate candidate in the party's June 1 primary.

Party chairman Redding Pitt ruled that a subcommittee was correct in April when it disqualified Swanson because he had run as a "write-in" independent candidate in the general election in 2002 for the U.S. Senate.

He said party rules bar candidates from running in the Democratic primary if they ran against Democrats in the previous election.

"The record shows that Mr. Swanson was in fact an active, if low-profile, independent write-in candidate for the United States Senate in 2002, receiving 1,350 votes, and opposed the election of the Democratic nominee," Pitt said in his three-page ruling. -- Democratic Party chief turns down Swanson appeal in Senate bid (AP via AL.com)