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A GOP group may have to register as a charity in New York

A tax-exempt organization associated with the chairman of the United States House Committee on Financial Services may have to register with the New York State attorney general's office before it can stage a party during the Republican National Convention in New York, state officials said.

The organization, called the American Council for Excellence and Opportunity, had solicited donations from various businesses, including Wall Street firms, for a convention night party at the Rainbow Room in honor of the committee chairman, Representative Michael G. Oxley of Ohio, and other members of the committee. Mr. Oxley is also honorary chairman of the council.

The Charities Bureau of the state attorney general's office sent a letter to the council on Friday that said the organization might have to register with the bureau - and then meet New York's disclosure requirements, which include making public exactly how the money it raised was spent, including staff salaries. -- Organization Tied to G.O.P. Gets Warning on Donations (New York Times)